At the start of the 21-22  academic year, the English language Department rolled out a  personalized learning and reading program, mapping the much trusted SRA Reading Laboratory (a graded reading program) onto Loilonotes (an interactive lesson platform for student-centered learning). This marriage of content and technology ensures each student is working at the appropriate level and moving ahead at his or her own pace, in school or while learning from home, and most important of all, developing the necessary habits and skills to be independent and confident readers in the process. 
The design of the program is straightforward, each student’s skill level is matched to a color-coded, leveled reading selection consisting of 12-15 reading cards. The reading levels gradually increase in complexity, and reading cards gradually increase in word count to keep students challenged as they progress through the program.
Each reading card consists of coordinating questions focusing on comprehension, word analysis, vocabulary, and grammar. After students complete a reader, they check their work using a corresponding answer key. Based on the results, teachers may suggest students revisit a skill or subject matter to provide reinforcement and extra practice. 
As students progress through the reading cards within their color level, they record their scores and upload progress charts onto Loilonotes where their progress is tracked and monitored by teachers. Once they have made significant progress within their level, they are identified by teachers and are invited to Promotion Interviews where students and teachers discuss face-to-face about their progress and recommendations are made their promotion to the next level.