01 English Week

The English Week is a much anticipated school wide festivity that is held annually. It comprises numerous activities, such as games stalls, drama performances, singing contests, culinary classes and, where the principal and even the school’s tuck shop ladies are roped in to speak only in English to create an immersive English Language environment for our students.

02 Life Wide Learning

The Life Wide Learning Day is a time for students to learn in real contexts and authentic settings. This kind of experiential learning enables students to achieve certain learning goals that are more difficult to attain through classroom learning alone. It helps students to achieve the aims of whole-person development and enables them to develop the life-long learning capabilities that are needed in our ever-changing society. Students apply their English Language reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in the real world. They work in small groups designing questionnaires, interviewing foreigners and writing down and presenting their findings to their classmates and teachers.


Inter-school Pre-DSE English Speaking Practice BLCWC X CWSF
5th March, 2024

We're thrilled to share that we teamed up with HHCKLA Buddhist Leung Chik Wai College to bring you the epic Inter-school English Speaking Practice! Held just in early March, this event was a great opportunity for students looking to level up their language skills and conquer the DSE English speaking paper.  From start to finish, the competition was an absolute blast, and students from both schools walked away with massive benefits.  They not only honed their English proficiency but also skyrocketed their confidence and fluency.  Thanks to every teacher and student in both schools who made this event a roaring success! Stay tuned for more exciting updates.