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Our school was provided with additional funding by the Education Bureau in the 2020/21 school year.  With reference to school-based circumstances, we provided support for our NCS students and assigned a dedicated teacher/team to coordinate relating matters.  Details are as follows:

  1. With reference to the learning progress and needs of NCS students, our school adopted the following modes to enhance the support for learning of Chinese of NCS students in the 2020/21 school year:
  • Appointing 0.7 additional teacher to support the learning of Chinese of NCS students;
  • In-class support provided in Chinese Language lessons: F.1 Co-teaching/In-class support;
  • Classroom learning assistant is provided in F.1;
  • After-school/after-class support: Tutorial class (Level: F.1) and IGCSE course (Level: F.5) are provided.
  1. Our school’s measures for creating an inclusive learning environment included:
  • Activities which promote cultural integration are organised for both F.1 and F.4 students.
  1. Our school’s measures for promoting home-school cooperation with parents of NCS students included:
  • Discussing the learning progress (including learning of Chinese) of NCS students with their parents on a regular basis;
  • Providing parents of NCS students with information on school choices/further studies/career pursuits for their children.
For further enquiries about the education support our school provides for NCS student(s), 
please contact Miss Lee Kit Ching at 24652518